Rules & Regulations


Sacred Heart College, as a Roman Catholic high school, is committed to educating the whole student, intellectually and physically, as well as morally and spiritually. It is committed to developing responsible citizenship in its students, and it expects that students will abide by the school rules both on and off campus, and especially when wearing their uniforms and officially representing the school at off campus events, such as athletic tournaments and other public events.

In defining these rules and in managing student discipline, SHC places the rights and well-being of its students at the center of all it does. It utilizes a positive disciplinary approach in which students are enabled to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of society. Students are taught important social and life skills, including time management, conflict resolution, anger management, drug and alcohol education, and appropriate response to peer pressure. Students are taught how to recognize their own behavioral challenges, and how to set goals and work to overcome these.

Student conduct is managed by a Disciplinary Committee and is closely supported by the Counseling Department.

This section describes various policies and rules governing student conduct on campus. It begins with a statement on Students' Rights, followed by a description of the Disciplinary Committee, and then enumerates the school rules framing conduct. In developing these rules, SHC is guided by the Belize Association of Principals of Secondary Schools (BAPSS), and the Education Rules (2000)