Disciplinary Committee


In view of the fact that Sacred Heart College as a Catholic Institution should prepare young men and women with proper values and principles, the Disciplinary Committee, along with the faculty, exists to assist the Administration in the upholding of these values and principles and to monitor the conduct of students.

The committee is made up of members of staff who are willing to undertake the responsibilities with which the Committee is charged. A member of the Education Committee of the Board of Governors sits on the Committee in exceptional cases.

The Committee is responsible for:

  1. The administration of jugs and the relevant keeping of records of jugs.
  2. Keeping of records of student conduct.
  3. Ensuring that teachers are consistent in the issuing of jugs.
  4. Making decisions/recommendations regarding the need for suspensions and expulsions of students.
  5. Referring "problem" students to the counseling department.
  6. Keeping records and files of suspensions and expulsions.
  7. Informing parents of disciplinary problems and setting up meetings with parents to discuss such problems.