Dress Code


Girl's Uniform

  1. Grey skirts worn at the waist and 2 inches below the knees.
  2. White short sleeve, loose fitting blouses, six inches below the waist with two front, welt pockets. Polo shirts are not allowed.
  3. Plain white undershirts only.
  4. Only white, black or brown hair pieces allowed.
The following items are NOT ALLOWED:
  1. Hats, caps, colored scarves, handkerchiefs, rags and towels.
  2. Polo shirts - both males and females.
  3. Display of tattoos - students, either males or females, with tattoos, must ensure these are not visible.
  4. Female students: make-up and fashion accessories, including dangly earrings, bangles, wristbands and bracelets.

In cases where it is absolutely necessary for a student to be out of uniform, the student must abide by rules governing casual day and their parent or guardian must provide an explanatory note.

Boy's Uniform

  1. Sacred Heart College boys will wear:
    1. Long grey pants worn at the waist and secured with a plain black belt.
    2. White short sleeve shirts, six inches below the waist, with two pockets at the front.
    3. Plain white undershirt, tucked in.
  2. No sagging is allowed.
  3. No skinny pants are allowed.
  4. No long hair, dreads, high tops, twisted hair, or braided hair is allowed.
  5. No hair designs are allowed.
  6. No long facial hair, beard or mustache is allowed.
SHC Female Uniform Sample
SHC Male Uniform Sample

The Sacred Heart College grey and white uniform and school ID card identifies students as members of the Sacred Heart College Community, and stand for the values, principles and disciplines that the College inculcates in its students, alongside expectations.

Common Rules:

  1. All students are required to wear:
    1. School ID with the lanyard around the neck; which is provided by the school.
    2. Plain black shoes or low-cut black tennis shoes/sneakers.
    3. Plain white crew socks, at least FOUR (4) inches ABOVE the ankle.
    4. Plain gold, silver, white, grey, black or brown watch.
  2. Hair should be properly groomed, without any hair color.