Mass & Casual Day


Weekly Masses

Sacred Heart College, as a Roman Catholic high school, is committed to educating the whole student, intellectually and physically, as well as morally and spiritually. To assist the student spiritually, we have weekly masses and expect all students to be present and participate in the celebration of the mass in uniform.

Casual Day

Casual days will be held on Thursdays. Students are allowed to wear only long pants, jeans, dresses or skirts.

The following are considered to be inappropriate for casual days, and are forbidden:
(a) blouses & shirts with inappropriate messages, offensive words, designs or symbols (such as skulls), shirts that expose any portion of the body, and slashed or torn jeans, pants and blouses.
(b) halter tops and strapless blouses, and blouses with macaroni straps, tights, jeggings or leggings,
(c) full black, red or blue attire, or any other colors and
paraphernalia associated with gangs and cults.
(d) make-up and jewelry.
(e) caps, hats and slippers
(f) short pants, cargo pants or capri pants.

Students who arrive at school inappropriately dressed for casual day will be required to change into a uniform provided by the Vice Principal of Student Services. After the student disregards the rules for a second time, the student will be banned from participating in casual day.