Statement of Student Rights


The student can best be challenged to understand and respond to his/her obligations when he/she knows that his/her legitimate rights are respected.

  1. The Student has a right to his/her good reputation. His/her reputation and confidence are privileged. Nothing to his/her disadvantage, known or presumed, should be disclosed to anyone. In the case of counseling matters, nothing, even to the student's advantage, may be disclosed without his/her prior permission.
  2. The student has a right to his/her privacy. His/her academic standing, disciplinary status, financial background, and other private matters are the concern of the student and his/her parents. Such information is the concern of school personnel with a clear need to know, and is not general information.
  3. The student has a right to his/her education. The student's enrollment is taken as a commitment to learn. Similarly, the school's acceptance of the student comprises a commitment to educate him/her. The discipline of education challenges not only the student, but the administration and faculty as well, as the student deserves professional instruction.
  4. The student has a right to a system of discipline which is mature and consistent. The staff recognizes this by applying discipline fairly and with concern for the needs of each individual student.
  • taken from The St. Catherine's Academy Handbook, September 1990