In order to achieve its mission, Sacred Heart College (SHC) has adapted academic policies that will assist in achieving its goal of educating the whole student – intellectually, spiritually, physically, morally and culturally. The Board of Governors, Administration and Faculty of SHC are cognizant that we live in a rapidly changing world, a world in which our graduates will need junior college and university education in order to compete for jobs, a world in which knowledge is constantly evolving and which will require our future graduates to know more, to think critically, and to be skilled in the use of Information and Communications Technology.

Class schedule

Grading System

The Grade scheme with its interpretation is as follows:
Percentage Letter Grade GPA
90-100% A 4.00
85-89% B+ 3.50
80-84% B 3.00
75-79% C+ 2.50
70-74% C 2.00
60-69% D+ 1.50
Under 60% D 1.00

How Grades are calculated

The calculation of the final average follows a system of weighting for each subject according to the number of credits assigned. The Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated by dividing the total value of the credit hours by the number of credit hours. Semester 1 and Semester 2 grades are averaged to obtain the final yearly grade. An example is provided below for a student in Second Form.


Subject Grade Credit HRS Value
English C 5 10.00
Math B+ 5 17.50
Science C+ 4 10.00
Social-Studies D 3 3.00
EDPM D+ 3 4.50
Religion A 3 12.00
Spanish D 3 3.00
Art D 2 2.00
Technical Drawing A 2 8.00
Life Skills A 2 8.00
Physical Education (P.E) B 1 3.00
Total 33 81

Divide the total VALUE (81.00) by the total # of credit hours (33).

Grade Point Average, GPA = 81.00/33 = 2.455 OR C

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