Sacred Heart College Inc.

Mission, Vision and Values


“The mission of SHJC, guided by the Catholic ethos, is to offer quality education through relevant, dynamic and innovative programs and courses that foster and strengthen the spiritual, intellectual, cultural, physical, and psychological aspects of the human being thus creating a conducive environment for catalysts of positive change.”


“To be the learning community of first choice that holistically transforms its members and positively impacts Belize.”


Quality: SHC demands quality from all the members of its learning community.

Accountability: SHC practices and upholds transparency and accountability.

Respect: SHC demands respect: self respect and respect towards each other despite religious, political, racial, gender, social status or national origin.

Innovation: SHC fosters innovation, creativity and adaptability.

Service: SHC expects volunteerism and service from all members of its learning community.Leadership: SHC cultivates awareness and constructive pro-activity.