Facilities & School Map

Sacred Heart College

Sacred Heart High School is an institution that consist of 28 classrooms that seats 36 students in every room. Each classroom has a mounted projector and speaker in it, with white boards.

Sports Facilities

Sacred Heart College fosters a strong sporting program in the region and the investment of on-campus facilities is a testament to this philosophy. Our sporting facilities were designed to cater for sporting events, but also to ensure that our students have a sporting space to develop healthy and active lifestyles.
At Sacred Heart College, we focus on providing a holistic education, allowing our students to explore their talents, develop their skills and enhance their abilities, whilst enjoying an active, healthy lifestyle; sport and physical education play a central role in our curriculum.
Each and every one of our students must engage in physical education and extra-curricular sports activities, regardless of their level of skill or experience. For this reason, we ensure that all activities are held within a nurturing, encouraging and inclusive environment.
Our facilities include:

Multi-Purpose Auditorium

The multi-purpose auditorium is the main indoor teaching space for the Physical Education Department. It is marked out and fitted with all the equipment needed to teach the usual array of indoor sports. The multi-purpose hall also houses a stage for assemblies, performances and other large-scale events.


The auditorium is stacked with over 1,000 folding metal chairs and over 120 plastic folding tables for the hosting of events.


There is a kitchenette in the auditorium with running water, a stove and a freezer.

Fitness Gym

Inside the auditorium is a fitness gym that is stacked with weights, machines and thread mills which is used by both athletes and faculty.

Football & Softball Fields

There is a standard-size football field that is situated on the west-side of the campus. The area can also be converted to a softball field, with the proper fencing behind the batter’s box.

Track & Field Facilities

The football field can fit a 200 m track for local, regional and national track and field meets. There is also a pit for long and triple jumps and a cement base for shot put and discus.

On Campus Grass Pitches

A small on campus playing field is located adjacent to the Print Center, where students would casually play non-traditional sporting events.

Science Laboratories

Science is one of the most popular course track at our institution, hence it is imperative that the school invests in up-to-date equipment and laboratories. These support structures complement the learning process to ensure that our students are afforded a hands-on experience in the science labs as they merge theory with practical experiences. Our school has a Biology lab, a Physics lab and a Chemistry lab that is stacked with the necessary equipment and chemicals for science sessions.

ICT Facilities

Sacred Heart College makes every effort to usher our students into the new technological age by ensuring that students are technologically engaged with up-to-date computer hardware and software. We have 3 computer labs that has 40 computers in each lab, along with 8 computers in our Student Lounge and an additional 6 computers in the Print Center. All computer labs have internet access, air-condition and printing capabilities. There is currently about 200 computers on campus.

Music Room

The school has one music classroom for the teaching of Music. The music room has in musical instruments for a marching band along with keyboards, guitars, bases and other music technology equipment.

Technical Drawing Room

Sacred Heart College has a technical drawing (TD) room for TD sessions. The room is equipped with TD instruments for students to use to do constructions.

Art Room

There is an art room on campus for the teaching of art sessions. The room is designed in a way to cater for creative thinking and is equipped for artistic projects, such as painting and drawing.

Recreational Areas

These attractive shaded areas and quiet areas dotted around the campus are fitted out with picnic tables that are situated under shady trees to allow students to meet with friends, snack and relax in calm surroundings.


There is a school-managed cafeteria on campus that provides breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks to our students, faculty and staff. Hot meals are prepared everyday for students and teachers.

Eating Area

A huge outdoor eating area is situated adjacent to the school’s cafeteria. The facility has about 40 picnic tables which allow students to enjoy their meals and snacks in a pleasant setting.

Student Lounge

A student lounge is situated beside the Office of Student Services. It is furnished with a sofa set, computers for students to use after class time, microwaves for students to warm their lunches and a white-board for tutorial sessions.

Counselling Room & Waiting Area

Sacred Heart College has two counsellors who share a counselling room. Counselling sessions are conducted in this facility and there is also a waiting area for students who are feeling sick for the day.